Adult Threat Assessment (MTAT)

Marion County Threat Advisory Team or TAT

The Marion County Threat Advisory Team is a multi-disciplinary team dedicate to the prevention of targeted acts of violence by adult members of the community. Through the cooperative sharing of information, resources and the knowledge gained through training with leading experts in the field of threat assessment, the team endeavors to identify, assess, and manage situations where the risk of violence is anticipated or imminent.

Threat assessment and management may begin when one of the following triggering events are present. 
  • A threat
  • An inappropriate communication
  • The execution and issuance of a restraining or stalking order
  • A report of suspicious activity
  • The recognition of pre-incident indicators of violence

As an advisory team, TAT does not manage or investigate cases. Control of the case always remains with the presenting agency. The assessment and consultation focus on situations involving people and do not isolate an individual through profiling or psychological evaluation. Confidentiality standards are strictly maintained while public heath and safety is always the foremost concern.

The Membership of the Marion County Threat Advisory Team

Marion County Sheriff’s Office
  • Salem Police Department 
  • Oregon State Police 
  • Keizer Police Department 
  • State Courts-Marion County 
  • Marion County District Attorney’s Office 
  • Salem-Keizer School District 
  • Willamette Educational Service District 
  • Marion County Health Department