Q. As a means of addressing inquiry, you offer a 2-hour informational presentation on both programs. Who exactly is this training available to? Is it available to support teams in the school district and if so would there be a charge?

A. The presentations are available to any interested party. The presentation is usually done without charge; however, some compensation may be requested for travel expenses or to compensate our agencies for a loss of work time. 

Q. What If I have a concern regarding an inappropriate student sexual behavior, who do I contact?

A. Contact Us and we’ll refer you to our SIRC program (Sexual Incident Response Committee). The protocol for SIRC mirrors our threat assessment system. 

Q. How much training would be needed in order to implement this type of system in my district? Who should be trained?

A. A two-day training is required to begin implementation. Additional training is recommended, along with ongoing consultation. The training is best done with teams consisting of education staff (administrator, counselor, school psychologist), law enforcement (management and SRO) and public mental health reps (management and qualified mental health practitioners). 

Q. How would I know if I should do a level 1 threat assessment? Are there times when kids just have odd behaviors? Where is the line to know "when" this would be an appropriate process?

A. The training provides examples of situations best addressed through Level 1 threat assessment; however, always consider a threat assessment in any situation involving a potential threat of violence to a human being. 

Q. Is this system expensive to implement? What type of funding might be needed in order to implement this type of system?

A. The system can be initiated using existing resources; however, larger districts have found that adequately implementing and maintaining the system requires at least .50 to 1.0 FTE along with clerical support.