Reporting a Threat

One of the greatest barriers to maintaining school safety is the code of silence. This code is often followed by students, and even adults, who believe that it is wrong or improper to report or tell on others who are involved in or considering potentially harmful actions. We encourage all students, parents, and the community to report any information about a situation that may be potentially violent or seriously harmful to a person. While there are many kinds of potentially violent or harmful situations, the following are four examples: 
  • Thoughts or plans for committing a violent attack; 
  • The illegal possession of a weapon; 
  • Suicidal ideas, intentions or plans; 
  • and Sexual aggression. 
If you have concerns about youth or adults who may be considering any of the above noted actions or any action that could result in serious harm to themselves or others, please report the information to the police or a school staff member (preferably a school administrator). If you perceive the risk as imminent, call 911.